Are Women Like Beer?

That’s what Homer Simpson, who is mighty fond of both, told Bart. But while it’s human nature to categorize men and women into neat packages, and while some of the differences are as distinct as the pinks and blues in nurseries (think height, muscle-to-fat ratio and hair distribution), others are not as apparent. This X-Ray of a typical couple, a result of a mishap when Marge brought Homer’s lunch to the nuclear-power plant, shows some contrasts. Sorry, Homer, beer is not the answer to everything.

By Constanza Villalba

Are Women Like Beer?

Dorion Sagan is the co-author, with Lynn Margulis, of “What Is Sex?” and “Origins of Sex: Four Billion Years of Genetic Recombination.”

Constanza Villalba contributed to the research and writing of this article.

Original Article: Why Women Aren’t Men