The Variety Of Flask For A Gift, Will Always Make A Delightful Present

Dating back from the eighteenth hundreds silver hip flasks have changed little in their basic design and were originally only used by nobility. There are however accounts of less glamorous items such as pig bladders and hollowed out fruits being used to smuggle spirits which may have led to the eventual design of the variety of flask for a gift (that holds liquor) a person sees nowadays.

Originally only made from pure silver which was believed to have properties that would improve the flavor of the liquor it held pewter soon became a firm second choice. A hipflask is compact and although it often has a small attached cup to partake of socially with company it is traditionally accepted that everyone in the group should swig from the flask itself to commemorate any occasion.

Contoured to match any wearer’s hip or thigh curves for a snug fit, flasks were and still are often covered in leather to protect the item and for added comfort for the person wearing it. Nowadays stainless steel is widely used but when a special or commemorative flask is required one may still want to look at buying a silver item.

An antique silver flask are rare to find and have become greatly sought after collector’s items. During the American Prohibition era hipflasks were popular with bother sexes and many a lady would be out on the town sporting a dainty elegant styled holder in her garter.

Stainless steel varieties filled with local liquor and engraved with relevant information of the occasion have become a popular item for wedding and party favors. Engraving can be done on the flask itself or on the plate one finds on most well made flasks. An ideal gift for men or women of any age and today a person will find that there are many specialist shops and online websites that offer a wide selection to choose from.

Flasks are sold empty and one has the choice of deciding what to fill them with. The word flask is also given to the smallest size bottle that liquor is sold in which may explain how hipflasks got their name.

When members of the Royal Air Force referred to their “hipflasks” in days gone by they were actually talking about their revolvers. Soldiers fighting in the two World Wars often carried a flask with them through their campaigns and must have imbibed with relief and thanks each time they survived a battle.

To avoid metal detectors mass produced plastic flasks are now readily available on world wide online sights and stores. A flask’s capacity is just enough to warm a person on a cold day or to have a celebratory drink without getting tipsy.

Easy to handle, convey and secrete on the body the variety of flask for a gift (that holds liquor) will always ensure that where ever a person encounters an occasion or wants to toast an event they will immediately be able to celebrate it with style and finesse.

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