Three Steps in Establishing a Home Bar

You have the most beautiful home bar and you could not be more proud. You could also have one of the most well prepared home bars should you just follow these easy and professionally laid out steps on stocking a home bar.

The first thing is putting up your own favorites. Putting up a home bar requires passion for having one. Entailing passion is the love of drinking liquor itself. Placing your favorites on top of the list would be a good start upon investing and deciding of drinks. Cocktails would be the first things to consider. Having drinks like coffee liquor, gin, tonic water, sweet vermouth, bitters, and vodka will be perfect combination with these cocktails as add-on drinks.

Being economical itself, having your favorite drinks as primary investment will nevertheless put you in a win-win situation. Suppose no one likes your favorite, at least you can enjoy drinking all by yourself all day long. The simple idea here is making your own self the very first customer to enter the bar.

Phase 2 is considered mainly for the friends and family. This is a very different line of stock that you will be looking at. This is one that would basically contain everything else; from liqueurs as well as garnish. Let us take a closer look at this and the contents thereof. You would have to consider a line of whiskey and this is not just one line, you should look at all of them, from single malt to premium.

You should also take note that whiskeys should be bought in three variations, blended, Scottish and Rye. The simple logic in the second stage is simply providing not just a single variation of every drink. Wide array of drinks will entice more people and enjoy their drink. The reason for placing wider variations is to distinguished more loved drinks which will make it easier for you to decide what to purchase the next time around.

The liqueurs in phase two are of a wider range than phase one also. This would be more for the cocktail range as well. The liqueurs range from triple sec, various schnapps, green-labeled vermouth, Italian vermouth, and Amaretto. The garnish and the condiments that are up for consideration should be real fruit; there is nothing tackier than garnish that is not edible. The other condiments that you should consider are salt, castor sugar, Worcestershire sauce, limes, lemons, black pepper, bitters, maraschino cherries and so forth. The list of condiments is endless.

Following drinks and condiments would be mixers. Mixers like tonic water, cranberry juice, milk, soda water, coke products, water, pineapple juice and beer would greatly complement with whiskey, gins, and cocktails. Of course, it would not be necessary to purchase all of this at the same time because you may find it too overwhelming if you do so.

After having these basic ideas on what drinks and liquors to have, your last step would be starting your own home bar already. In due time, purchasing of more drinks out of your list will make your home bar more enticing and more attractive to customers. Good landscaping and internal decorations would also be necessary to draw attention and invite more customers. With this basic knowledge on what to initially place in your bar, you will be a success in no time.

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