The Unmatched Elegance Of Glass Cocktail Tables

Apart from the coffee table the next most important piece of living room table is the cocktail table, they are used to complement the existing tables in terms of style and can add to the overall appeal of the theme you are going for in your living room. If it’s a contemporary, modern setting then nothing will add a sense of elegance like a glass cocktail table.

There are numerous who mistake the cocktail table for a coffee table due to the fact that they are very closely related. A very helpful addition into a small cosy living room the cocktail table can add immense value, but sadly it is frequently not really actually considered. A very interesting advantage of this table is the fact that you can see through it so it keeps the cluttered, messy look at bay. There is also the fact that they are extremely easy to clean and are awesomely durable.

One distinct design attribute, which must be mentioned in this article, is the fact that this particular cocktail table has the almost magical ability to give the observer a sense of space in a small environment. The glass has a mirror like finish which assists this distinct quality. When space comes at a premium you will be doing your design abilities no justice by not really incorporating this piece of furniture into the mix, go ahead and see the great effect it will create.

Consider the following setting and see if you can picture your own living room in this sort of theme or style:

A one bedroom apartment, with the living room a modest sixteen by twenty rectangular feet – in the middle of this setting is a long hair soft textured pale rug – one two division tan leather sofa, extremely low with wide arm rests – in front of the sofa is a flat screen television on a low solid cherry wood (in a light finish) TV unit – to the left is an oversize colorful, abstract acrylic on canvass – and to the right of the sofa is a glass cocktail table that is molded in one strong piece of glass (light azure shade) with a colorful fruit bowl in the center. Opposite the abstract artwork is an oversize mirror to create the illusion of space.

You will notice the extremely clever use of color as nicely as mirrors and glass to give this modest living room a sense of space.

Be assured that whatever your style is or actually decorating ability you will find the ideal glass cocktail table to add that little extra to any setting.

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