Home Brewing Beer With CO2 Can Go With A Pop

For several centuries, home brewing beer has been a practiced. But there was no known record of practice before the 19th century. It was believed then that carbon dioxide has great factor in beer brewing. It ignite interest amongst brewing enthusiasts that practices home beer brewing. However, most of the large beers companies are not threaten to be in competition with home based beer brewer.

There is a measure in United Kingdom that was enacted in 1880 known as Inland Revenue Act which requires its citizen to pay certain amount in doing such pursuit. Also, Americans also are subjected with such measures wherein a 1920 law stipulated banning private individual or company in alcohol production.

Fortunately, today there were no such ban and home brewing is widely practiced without having fear to be fined or be banned. It is now considered a hobby and also as a pastime for people who are enthusiasts of home brewing. You can also share the results with your friends and family and influence to try such hobby.

What CO2 Is To Brewing Beer At Home

There are actually four basic ingredients in brewing beer: water, yeast,malted grain, hops.

You will be surprised that the fifth and also vital ingredient is carbon dioxide. It is impossible to brew beer without it. It is emitted by hops and yeast in beer, however, aging also plays pivotal role in adding better taste to our bottled beer.

It is stored in the bottle, allowed to leave it for two weeks. During this time, carbon dioxide releases and carbonated beer is produced. There are several ways to add carbon dioxide but aging still has a factor influencing the taste of the beer.

One of the possible ways in adding carbon dioxide to our home brewed beer is by pumping the container or the keg. It accelerates aging and you can savor your brewed beer the soonest.

The more traditional way for home brewing beer with CO2 is by adding wort to the finished product before sealing it. Wort is simply unfermented beer; adding that for the yeast produces carbon dioxide.

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