Mobile Marketing Rewards Increase Beer Brand Loyalty

[I:]In a recent campaign, Miller Lite gave their consumers points for drinking their beer, and successfully captured and retained consumers by doing so. But what part did mobile marketing have to play in this campaign?

The company’s recent mobile marketing-based Taste Points campaign was developed to allow consumers to submit points from their Miller Lite products via SMS and mobile web for the chance to win prizes. The campaign used SMS mobile marketing to offer a more interesting and accessible way for customers to redeem points and team up with friends, enabling them to receive loyalty rewards or enter the draw for main prizes.

Miller Lite took a close look at how their target demographic, 21 to 35 year old men, uses mobile technology in everyday life. The campaign was featured mobile marketing, based on their findings that the target demographic are very high users of smartphones. Company executives used this information to design a mobile marketing centric campaign that captured the attention of their consumers, and enabled easy and enjoyable interactions with Miller Lite.

Miller Lite’s success was a result of targeting their campaign to their key consumers and the ways in which they use mobile technology. Mobile marketing was highly appropriate because customers usually have their mobile phones on hand, and use them no matter where they are. The campaign uses the accessibility of mobile marketing to allow customers to submit their points no matter where they were, and get an immediate response.

While mobile marketing was a key aspect of the campaign, the company also used other channels to support customer interaction. A TV advertisement encouraged customers to interact with the company via their mobile device. The multi-channel campaign all pointed customers to their mobiles to take part. By providing this mobile marketing call-to-action in other advertising channels, the company was able to reinforce the idea of mobile interaction and ensure the success of the campaign.

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