Personalized Beer Steins Make Fitting Groomsman Gifts

Looking for a perfect way to thank your groomsmen and kick off the bachelor party? Look no further because personalized beer steins are the perfect and most practical answer. It’s almost impossible to drink frothy brew out of other groomsmen gifts such as cuff links or poker chip sets, so the beer stein is the only personalized way to say thank you to your loyal, beer guzzling buddies.

Originally used in Germany, they were made out of stone and had a metal lid to help keep the insects out. Much like today, they were sold and collected as ornamental beer mugs and souvenirs. Today’s most popular version of steins is made out of pewter, etched glass or porcelain.

These are one of the most practical gifts to give to a groomsman to thank him for being a good friends and participating in the wedding. They can be used at the bachelor party and on the wedding day to give a toast to the bride and groom. Once the wedding is over and years have gone, the mug will serve as a reminder of the special event.

They will be useful years after the wedding is long over. Not only will they serve as a keepsake to remember the occasion, they can be used at any neighborhood barbecue as a much classier version of the red, plastic keg cup. Now they tend to be made out of durable materials that will help keep them around for many years to come.

Glass steins can be etched with either a name or a funny phrase that is appropriate for the occasion. There are more traditional versions that have a silver plate attached where a name or two-line motto can be engraved. Many of the steins are now dishwasher and microwave safe.

Ordering personalized mugs through the internet is the easiest way for a busy groomsman to check this task off his wedding to-do list. Internet sites offer the most variety and will give free shipping if the order is big enough. If the internet is not an option, personalized steins are available through any specialty gift store.

Remember that personalized beer steins are not just for groomsman’s gifts. They can also be great for the brew sipping bridesmaid during the bachelorette party. Not to mention they make great gifts for Father’s day, birthdays and college graduations.

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