10 Oktoberfest Party Ideas

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest fair taking place every year in Bavaria. You can also throw your own Oktoberfest party using the following Oktoberfest party ideas:

1. Make your invitations out of card. Make cut outs of lederhosen, beer kegs, beer steins, beer glasses, beer goggles or bratwursts. State clearly that anybody who does not dress up will be charged on the door!

2. The guy’s costumes are truly hideous yet hilarious. Traditional Bavarian lederhosen will cut off the circulation where you don’t want it cut off! These knee length leather shorts are held up by braces. You will also need socks pulled up to your knees and a hat with feather. How silly!

3. Ladies, you get to wear traditional Bavarian or Alpine peasant girl costume. This includes a lacy blouse and tight bodice. You can also dye your hair blonde and tie it up in cute pig tails.

4. Get your decorations in the colors of blue and white, the Bavarian flag color. Get blue and white balloons and place them everywhere.

5. To make your venue look like a traditional brau haus bier keller, you need long wooden tables and benches. If necessary fix them together, but they should be in a long line!

6. Hang cut outs of bratwurst, beer glasses, beer kegs and lederhosen from the ceiling.

7. Don’t forget the German flag to hang on the walls and miniature versions for the tables. It may not be pretty, but its traditional!

8. You could hire a brass band to play traditional beer hall music, provided its in your budget.

9. Some traditional German food you should make would be Weiner Shnitzel, pretzels, garlic bread, sauerkraut, bratwurst, nuremburgers, apple strudel, gingerbread, black forest cake and stollen.

10. Of course, the most important element of any Oktoberfest party is the beer. Make sure you stock up with plenty! Make sure it is German beer! There will be people wanting to try many different sorts of beer so get in a variety.

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