Libations At Swans, The Victoria Brewpub, Brewery, Restaurant, And Hotel!

Above and beyond providing first-class accommodations, Swans, the Victoria BC hotel, also proudly houses Swans Buckerfields Brewery, the on-site Victoria brewery that has been crafting award winning beers since 1989. The Victoria brewery produces British-style ales as well as Canadian and German beers–all with “old world care.” Special attention is given to all aspects of the brewing process. For example, in Swans Victoria brewpub and Victoria restaurant, the beers are served at 45F to enhance the fullness of their flavours.

The Victoria brewery uses 100 percent grain mashes: only wheat and barley malts and oatmeal in one stout. The specialty malts and Swans unique strain of yeast are imported from Britain. Swans swears against using syrups, sugars, or “adjunct.” The naturally carbonated ales are left to settle at cool temperatures as opposed to filtering because filtering can also extract the awesomeness.

Buckerfields beers include such notables as the Pandora Pale Ale, Swans Oatmeal Stout, Arctic Ale, Buckerfield’s Bitter, Appleton Brown Ale, Riley’s Scotch Ale, Extra IPA, an Old Towne Bavarian Lager, and a Raspberry Ale. Swans Buckerfields Brewery has won numerous National awards for their beers, and for those interested, tours of the brewery are available. Swans also serves their house-made libations in their Victoria brewpub and Victoria restaurant, as well as selling their brews in unique 650 ml bottles at Swans Wine & Beer Shoppe. For travellers, these make wonderful souvenirs of their stay at Swans Hotel.

In addition, as would be expected from the name, Swans Wine & Beer Shoppe sells many vintages of red and white wines, with over 400 varieties from which to choose. The selections come from all over the globe, but the shoppe specializes in British Columbian and Australian wines, as well as Chilean, French, and Italian bottles. Moreover, you can purchase champagne (including Dom Perignon for the distinguishing palate) and sparkling wine to help you celebrate special occasions.

The store also carries a whopping 150 options when it comes to spirits! The shoppe is known for its vodka in particular, with 30 varieties, and the store also prides itself on a fine collection of single malt scotches. Lastly, if a buzz isn’t enough for you, and delerium is more your style, the store offers Green Tree Absinthe also called Le Fee Verte (“The Green Fairy”), which, rest assured, is legal in Canada–though not in the US!

If you are travelling to the west coast of Canada and looking for opportunities to enjoy the local libations, check out this piece on a unique Victoria BC hotel, Swans, connected to an on-site Victoria Brewery. This article, Libations At Swans, The Victoria Brewpub, Brewery, Restaurant, And Hotel! has free reprint rights.