Advice For People Who Have Problems With Having A Hung Over

At college I do not remember really having a problem with hangovers. We did drink often although I did try to curtail the amount of drink that I would have.

Mind you, if we had a race during the day, then we would always return to school afterwards and inevitably have a few beers. Sometimes we would miss out on eating anything large and have our fill with beer.

For some strange reason there always seemed to be a party on race nights as well. We always seemed to drink a lot more than we care to remember.

But the day after, with it being Sunday we would inevitably be up bright and early for our training run. The motto was “quarter to eight, don’t be late”, so the main problem was how do I stop myself from having a hangover.

So Sunday morning used to be getting up about 7.00 to 7.30 head for the locker room to get ready for our Sunday run, so we were already out of the door by around 8.00am.

Most of the time to prevent the dreaded hangover we would drink some water or Gatorade before the run, if you were up for it you could even have a bagel to calm your stomach.

By the time that you had run between 7 or 8 miles you had managed to forget if you had a hangover, strange but it always seemed around this mark when it happened.

The amazing thing about this was that by the time you realized that you did not have a hangover; you were over half way home. So you could get back quickly, have a nice shower and prepare for your large breakfast.

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