How to prepare delicious Backyard BBQs – Great Menu Ideas

It is not something easy to do to find someone who actually hates barbeques. Backyard BBQs are a great way of having a fun time with family and friends. And also, the smell of the ribs roasting on the grill is kind of a very irresistible thing.

And the thing is… there is something that is very unique when it is time to eat.

I don’t know if you note this… but people usually make an small silence just to taste the menu. And this is something I really have to say, they do know for sure if the menu is good or bad. Of course they do! These are the most crucial seconds of the meal.

And it is really not something easy to do to prepare really tasty barbeques. You’ve got to know what technique to use and how to use it. And you also need to have the right menu idea.

It is something true that you actually have to know the ‘insider secrets’ so you can prepare BBs so tasty that people will really like it.

That’s why I wanted to give you my favorite Top 4 ‘insider’ ideas so you can finally prepare real tasty barbeques. And you may be asking yourself why not the classical “Top 10”. Well, I just want to share quality ideas with you, and that’s why I’m going to give you only my best 4 barbeque ideas.

1- Beer Style BBQ Menu: before you put the meat on the grill, put some beer on it. Wash it with beer. You’ll note the difference right away when grilling.

2- Whisky style menu. This can be a little bit more expensive but you should try sometimes like in special dates. Whisky actually gives a great taste when you throw some over the meat.

3- Soy and Citrus. You can mix some soy sauce with lemon juice to create a glaze. Then you marinate the veggies and the meat in the sauce before grilling. This is tasty.

4- Using Cheese, garlic and potato. This is my personal preferred idea actually. You just need to put garlic into the meat. Do this strategically, just by using common sense. And the cheese you put some over the meat after it is already on the grill.

Regarding the potato, you should place them on the outer edges of the grill. It may need around 40 minutes, but it actually depends on the size of the potato. To check whether it’s already done or not, it is done when a fork slides into the middle of the potato with ease.

You know, just by writing this article I already want to run to my backyard and prepare some of it. I can already feel my mouth watering!

I’m giving up on this. I really can’t resist it anymore. I’m sorry but have to leave you my friend.. you will find me at the backyard. But before I finish, please don’t forget that there’s really nothing that compares to real experience. The more experience you have, the better you’ll be at preparing delicious BBQs.

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