Home Made Beer Brewing, Why You Should Bother To Brew Your Own.

The two most popular beverages all over the world, are beer and wine. it doesn’t matter where you go, all over the globe, people love one or both of these drinks. It is no wonder that home made beer brewing and wine making are very popular. It’s cost efficient and its fun to do, the feeling of achievement when you pour your own home made beer has no comparison.

One of the other great advantages of home made beer brewing is the opportunity to drink beer that is ‘live’. Almost every beer you buy has been pasteurized. Pasteurization requires the beer to be cooked, this kills the yeast and the beer tastes considerably dissimilar from ‘live’ beer (that is, beer containing live yeast). The beer will not age without live yeast. With home made beer brewing your beer is never pasteurized therefore the taste is a more natural flavor, and the beer will age, changing in taste, texture and color over time.

Most people who start with home made beer brewing are fed up with paying the bills for their beer, they are looking for ways to cut budget without compromising. Home made beer brewing can do that for you. “In the United States, typical equipment costs are approximately $75 – $99 plus the cost of a large kettle (about $35-$50). Ingredients for a typical 5 gallon batch range from $27 to $45 depending on beer style, using dry or liquid yeast and the store’s pricing. Additional costs such as bottles (about $10-$14 per case of 24 12 oz bottles) (which may be reused with adequate cleaning) and sanitizers should also be anticipated. It is possible to produce beers using domestic kitchen equipment, but as it is reasonably inexpensive, most enthusiasts quickly buy some specialist equipment.*” Home made beer brewing is a craft that is catching on fast throughout the world and it is not so difficult as you would think.

Home Made Beer Brewing, Step by Step
Basically there are just six steps in home made beer brewing:

1. Making wort or must. You can buy mash in the form of a kit initially. Later on you could go on to more complicated ones after you gain some experience. Mash is basically the product you obtain when malt and water are mixed and heated to make sugar. There are also no-boil kits available. This would give you a liquid called wort. You can buy the ready-made wort also if you have little patience.
2. Fermentation. Add yeast to your wort, this starts a chemical reaction resulting into carbon dioxide and alcohol.
3. Clarification.
4. Conditioning. After that the raw beer would be siphoned from its original container into a second one and coaxed to ferment some more. (Fermentation is actually complete, so the term secondary fermentation actually refers to conditioning.)
5. Packaging (in bottles, kegs or casks)
6. Enjoy!!!

Patience is required in home made beer brewing. The whole brewing process can take from two weeks to several months. depending on what kind of beer you are brewing. Most people who do home made beer brewing have several batches in different stages of completion to permit the dispensing of quality home brew at short notice.

As you can see, home made beer brewing is not difficult at all. Especially when you start out with a brewing kit, You can start today and see how easy Home Made Beer Brewing is.

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Source: ArticleCube.com – Beer

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